ONE with the world

– – – – – – – –What’s with being no. 1?– – – – – – – –

I came across this fact sheet of Burj Dubai, and what struck me most was this obsession with comparison. Many charts and graphs – comparing with present world tallests, comparing with future skyscrapers, comparing with Eiffel Tower(?), even to the extent of placing this behemoth onto the skylines of NYC and Toronto. (A photoshopped lesson about context)

It’s weird, more a statement about conquering the world, and less about it being a building. So what is it, a hotel? An office building? What about its architectural qualities? Nope, NOT IMPORTANT! It’s all about the spectacle! Wow! Whee!

Looking home, we see the Singapore Flyer. I find it very amusing that they announced it as going to be the tallest in the world (beating the London Eye), but a few days later, Guangzhou announced their version which is 10m taller than the Flyer (beating us), and now Las Vegas is coming out with their version (beating all of us).


What is this, an auction?? Instead of keeping track of the highest bidder, let’s just appreciate the goods. Corbusier’s Ronchamp is an icon, but how do you begin categorising it into number ones? When you consider the spirit of the building, the intrinsic qualities that make it special, you will realise that number ones are just lame. So here you go, a number one post about being not number one. =)

qmark.jpgVotreX wants to go Dubai.


3 responses to “ONE with the world

  1. a leaf of… :
    The Dubai skyscraper is ugly, it’s almost like the obvious ‘concept’ of the design is to reach a height of 800m -____- I wonder if that calls for a technological feat though, if it does, then maybe there’s some room for redemption.
    Where’s that photo of the flyer taken?

  2. Thanks for the link, and good luck with the blog. I agree with you re the recent oneupmanship in the building stakes. If the idea is actually to put penthouses into orbit, then I’m all for it, but I suspect that the real deal is that any ‘world city’ needs a really tall building to define itself satsifactorily.

    Do you know about the Italian town of San Gimignano? A medieval example of tower-building gone mad.

  3. well perhaps in the very far future, Dubai will be celebrated for their towers like San Gimignano, but just as faceless towers celebrated for their technological feats. 🙂

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