Why I like Flickr

1. Flickr Logo is not only blue and pink.

2. Flickr Logo is so easy to use! It’s idiot-proof. I can vouch for that.

3. Flickr Logo keeps me on the Net.

4. Flickr Logo throws me into the world.

5. Flickr Logo excites visual people like me.

6. F lick R

7. Flickr Logo has no “Eeeeee”

8. Flickr Logo allows me to contribute and be a resource.

9. Flickr Logo knows all languages.

10. Flickr Logo doesn’t flicker on my screen.

qmark.jpgis not affiliated with Flickr.


3 responses to “Why I like Flickr

  1. yum yum

  2. It’s lame that qmark is posting comments and qmark is replying them in an entry by qmark. haha

  3. a leaf of… : i think so too! is this less lame though?

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