Know Your Apple #1

– – – – – – – – – Know your Apple? – – – – – – – – – –
So many debates I’ve heard about IBM vs. Mac, Windows vs. OS X, but apart from very technical discussions, the majority about Apple are really superficial.

“It looks cool”
“Isn’t that what all designers use?”
“I like the user interface.”

While there is some truth and merit in that, not many take interest in what is INSIDE their Apples, or the potential of this super-expensive gadget. (This statement actually applies to many other gadgets too.) So here today, I shall introduce you guys to this fun little program discovered in my Applications folder (MacBook)!

Called “Comic Life“, it enables you to create professional-looking comics very easily – customisable with various styles to suit your manga, graphic novel or Archie-styled comic. Of course, the raw image stock has to be provided by you, but with nothing more than a camera and some imagination, you can produce neat layouts to send to friends, post on your blog, or print out for publication.

So here, qmark presents the first ever comic!
1. Gribbit
Another of my faves – Kawaii Not

qmark.jpgVotreX loves his MacBook


2 responses to “Know Your Apple #1

  1. a leaf of ..: OMG! i remember those froggiesss! from the tikam machines! okie looking
    forward to the 2nd installment! =)
    I love my macbook still… though it doesn’t have comic life or many of those other
    fun applications im sure u have. heh. Found a shareware webby with quite some
    useful programmes too! Ask me for the addy!

  2. a leaf of… : BTW, thanks for all these wonderful and definitely original snippets! the live band & everything else too! 🙂 (mother’s day speech)

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