ZoCards supports the Arts!

ZoCards are everywhere. While I’ve gotten used to the commercial advertising material on most of them and occasionally still pick up the ones with the pretty graphics, I do rely on these free cards incidentally for information- information on events, and essentially what’s happening in town. Spotted these little ‘gems’ recently and was quite happy to see that they were about 2 running programmes on arts central and recent/ upcoming arts events- nothing too expensive and possibly, free. It was also encouraging to see that mediacorp is advertising its programmes on arts central, since probably, most people would not know that arts central is actually showing quite a good load of programmes unless they are geeks like me who would religiously flip life! for the listings, specifically, that of arts central.

Here for the month of May, are 5 of my favourite postcards about 5 specific events/ tv programmes not to be missed! Leaving the last slot empty since it’s a good 14 odd days before the end of May!
Do give these free cards a browse when you see them!

Engraving the World
The Chalcography of the Lourve Museum
04 May to 22 July 2007 @SAM
Discover the techniques of etching on copper plates as a form of print duplication.

Singapore Arts Festival 2007
Get hold of that ‘Eden’ postcard, answer a simple question and you could be on your way to a 3-night stay at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok! The cards entitle the holder to a 10% off ticket purchases as well. (getting a lil’ too perky here) And of course, the free opening night performance at the Padang.

Do Not Disturb on Arts Central
Unprecedented local drama series directed by Kelvin Tong which explores the complex modern relationships between men and women. The mini ‘arthouse’ series is shot entirely within the confines of a budget hotel room. Regretfully, I only manage to catch one episode and the series is ending its run with a last episode this coming monday! That one episode was an enjoyable watch though.

Planet Earth on Arts Central
The BBC blockbuster documentary. Beautiful, must-watch 11 part series!
This particular postcard is also my favourite of the lot. =)

qmark_pink.jpga leaf of… starts to collect ZoCards again.


8 responses to “ZoCards supports the Arts!

  1. VotreX:
    wow nice entry! i was a religious collector of postcards too a few years back. now i collect name cards more.. haha

  2. a leaf of…:
    i saved a couple of those postcards for u… do get them from me!

  3. hey hg and kayu! this is such a cool website my gosh! =D keep it up… so interesting to be reading ya posts!! woo hooo!!

  4. where’s the last card!

  5. gibberish! you’re supposed to help me keep a look out too! haha… can’t really find the last one though.. nvm.. none in may, maybe one in june then! oh btw i’ve got 5 postcards there already cos the 2nd one’s actually made up of 2 postcards!

  6. Hi! I was an avid freecard collectors since 10 over years ago, now due to space, commitments, etc…I need to find my collection a good home. I have freecards from all over the world, not just Singapore. Please connect me to those who give my collection a good second home or if you are the one, do contact me directly.
    Thanks a bunch!

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