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Fresh off the blender, fresh off the udder!

Qmark presents //freshnotes, a series highlighting the noteworthy. Not just about styles, not about pretentious-consumption-cool, but things that are useful, thought-provoking, challenging, cute and hence noteworthy!


Q. Ever wondered how shops do those fancy twines and lettering stuck on their glass fronts? Well, I got the chance to work on a handy cutting device called the STIKA DESIGN CUTTER. Simply create a vector drawing in Illustrator, or import an image file, and you are on your way to sticker haven. It prints on vinyl sheets which you can get from ArtFriend, or any other art shops.

While it is a precision cutter, if you have too many sharp and tight edges, removal of the cutout may be more difficult. Still, these stickers look great simply because of these sharp corners!

Making it
(Peeling off the vinyl.)

Qmark’s 10 ideas:
1) Template stickers for panels! (Scaled human figures, North Arrow)
2) Decorate your table, laptop, sketchbook etc etc…..
3) Guerilla Advertisement
4) Papercut artwork
5) DVD Labels
6) Prank signs (Mix up the male/female toilet)
7) Company/Personal Chop
8) Graffiti (for Singapore)
9) Irritating confetti?
10) Wacky Moles!!

qmark.gif considers having green paint-splatter shaped moles.


2 responses to “//freshnotes.001 > STIKA

  1. sure looks like you’re having fun with the machine! What’s tu me tata though?
    I like freshhhhnotes! nice fonts!

  2. Honestly, I’ve yet to ask them. It’s in Spanish, and Google Translate doens’t reveal much either. Haha…
    Quick get an avatar!

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