Update: Singapore Arts Fest ’07 Opening Performance

by La Fura Dels Baus

We caught the third, and last of this year’s free opening performance at the Padang- For those interested here is an abstract of the dance performance taken off ST’s Life! (May 28):

Beneath the carnival-like veneer was philosophical depth. The production explored the boundary between real life and the world of dreams. And in the process revealed that both were equally rich with fables, traditions and stories… Two performers first appeared onstage, or rather their shadows did, cast on a giant white screen… they moved from performing daily tasks to more flamboyant moves like flamenco dancing.

> white screen with cast shadows

As the first pair fell asleep, a giant wheel rose from behind the white canvas. Soaring to the skies at a steady pace, it began to turn slowly. Embedded within were eight performers dressed in orange jumpsuits who swung repeatedly from one segment of the wheel to another.

> 7m diameter wheel with performers embedded within

The show stopper came in the last third of the performance when a giant net of 36 Singapore volunteers was lifted in the air. Strung up like sausages, they hung limp at first, resembling foetuses in a sinister science fiction movie. Awaking, they moved their arms and legs in unison…

> human net of foetuses!

The effort to break the confines of stage performance, to engage the audience with something large scale and active with a fusion of acrobatics and dance was commendable- though one probably wouldn’t sense the philosophical depth behind it. (well I don’t see a problem with that) Of course, events like these never cease to end with a round of fireworks!


Singapore Arts Festival 25 MAY – 24 JUNE 2007

qmark_pink.jpgwaits to go for the next performance!


One response to “Update: Singapore Arts Fest ’07 Opening Performance

  1. Somehow I thought the part where they were running all over the Padang was something to do with engaging us to “feel the space”.
    The “foetuses” were funny – like agitated molecules.
    The music was really loud though… it was louder than within a club!

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