Whatever la.. Anything!

Hi there, as a guest contributor to qmark.. i’m here to introduce to everyone a very amusing new product! Originated right here in Singapore! Bravo! Another proud product to call our own! Innovation innovation ppl!~

“hey what you wanna drink?”

“ehhh.. Whatever la!”

“hmmm.. Anything! dunno leh..”

Voila~ no more worries.. with the launch of a new beverage called “WHATEVER” & “ANYTHING” !! hahahaa.. sounds so singaporean eh… oh well.. but isn’t this ingenious! think singapore needs more of this kind of boost to our rather mundane lives… =D

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The contents in the drinks themselves also reflect their names.

WHATEVER” – a non-carbonated drink comprising of 6 rojak flavours :
Ice lemon tea, Peach tea, Jasmine green tea, White grape tea, Apple tea & Chrysanthemum tea.

Whatever la.. Anything!

ANYTHING” – a soft drink comprising of another 6 rojak flavours:
Cola, Cola with lemon, Apple, Fizz up, Cloudy lemon & Root beer.


So next time if friends answer back with “whatever drink la..” or “anything..”.. you sure know which drink to get for them! =D

Do check out their interactive site! www.anything.sg

qmark_purple Peishan will be back home in less than a month!


3 responses to “Whatever la.. Anything!

  1. Very funny entry Pshan! Haha I will treat you anything when you come back 😉

  2. haha hg… good one.. eh i dun mind la.. treat me anything… i really dun mind! whatever that means.. haha.. =D see u soon!

  3. me too me too! hg will treat anything, anything & whatever we want right? yay!
    seee you real soon babe!

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