Spotted: Felix the Car

Felix the Cat Car >> Amazing design, so flashy, it captures everyone around it! And driving the cat was a grown man.

While you may ridicule the design, or laugh at the man (I admit I did that too), you have to appreciate these little gems that surprise your day, give you topics to talk about and spur your imagination just that little distance further. This car definitely beats many other faceless un-customised vehicles around it, so identifiable it stands out as an icon!

But if you are thinking of PowerPuff Cars, TMNT Cars or Spongebob Cars, please think again. Please.
qmark.jpg wants a car to design soon!


5 responses to “Spotted: Felix the Car

  1. my dream… is to buy a vintage 1990s boxy 2nd hand toyota, honda, watever accountant’s car… paint it into bright pink with faint patterns, or fierce multicoloured like ah beng EVO or HOT WHEELS toy series…

    imagine THAT!

    at traffic light ah beng EVO revs engine and laughs at me… speeds off… with my lao pok car with me laughing inside…

    wonder how come no one did that just yet…. really….

  2. Haha I’m imagining Hot Wheels Cars! I think it might actually start a new fancy craze for life-sized toy cars, spinning a new revolution for people who used to play such toys and tamiya cars to actually drive one of them!!

  3. happy car……………………… !
    omg spongebob cars.
    reminded me that in NZ, its not the body of the car that people customise- its the car plates. I saw this yellow convertible with ‘T W E E T Y’ and even some with declarations of love.
    zh, your dream…. really?? haha

  4. Nice? Try spot my car again! Many nice stuff added.

    Feels great driving this around. As if I am driving a exotic sports car. Kid laugh and point, gals love it.

    If it brings a smile to your face thank me! hahaha

    IMHO better then driving around in a fake EVO or WRX.

  5. yes thank you haha you are such a great fan.. more new stuff?! Ok when I spot it again I will try to take another shot 😉

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