2 Stories

Specimens A and B.
A. Cannes: Special Mention award, universal tale of love and loss, 23-year-old self-directorial effort, short film, SFC Short Film Grant S$6,700, S$17,000 production, unknown cast.
B. Sold to over 30 countries, fictional Chinese mythology, Cubix & Kosmic Pte. Ltd., full-length animation feature, S$30 million deal with MDA for 5 feature films, US$3.7 million production, character merchandising, famous artistes (JJ Lin) for voiceovers.

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Does success measure in terms of commercial value or awards?
Does success mean pushing boundaries of film in Singapore or simply portraying a good story?
Does success entail being able to secure deals while being a totally tasteless and lacking film by popular consensus?
Or does it change according to person, expectations, culture and ideology?

qmark.jpgthinks both are amazing in their own way!


10 responses to “2 Stories

  1. haha. success is such a dirty word these days. i should think it all depends, film makers and their films are with different ‘agendas’ afterall.. but it definitely works for me on a more personal level. personal preferences rule for me.
    While the animation venture is to be applauded, I don’t really understand why must these films be geared towards themes of Chinese folklore- is it just for differentiation sake, of being the first to do something or really an immerse interest in the subject. should we all pledge our loyalty even as we feel the lack of interest?

  2. eh i think its more to do with profits than anything else. being “first” now becomes a marketing tool, to earn more potential buyers and viewers. somehow, im not convinced….
    this being “first” has got everything to do with ego and the spectacle, just like certain architectural trends.

  3. shd do this story…

    got this mat king throw his crown into the maelstrom and the waves become smaller… then suddenly got this chinese junk appeared and this man in a ponytail greets the king in accented english…


  4. yeah maybe, what i meant by dirty is that the bottom line is still cash back guarantee.. anyways ST Life! Wed June 6 has a comprehensive few pages on the local film industry and the subheading reads ‘There’s no dearth of home-grown movies these days, but how many are hitting the mark at the box office?’ and it follows on the next page.. ‘The bottom line is money’ So I think its not so much about ego firsts but money first. Age old topic I suppose, not convinced too.
    So personally I would still support and prefer the more ‘arthouse’ ones (Royston!) and quoting Kelvin Tong ‘No amount of arthouse films will ever damage the growth of the Singapore film industry’ heh.

  5. Pirates 3 is ZzzzZzz, but yeah perhaps another hidden layer, guerilla sort of promotion or not, in someone elses’ film. haha

  6. now those rednecks in the west will be further convinced spore is a province of china, and kids think britain puts us under painful subjugation…

    hmm i think this is part of a larger global phenomenon of grassroot arts vs popular culture bah, spore just merely resonates and proves the point. pple “expect” a certain aesthetics with their money these days, be it film, art or architecture. we have been indoctrinated that money cld bring empowerment (or liberation, or enlightenment, or just an ideological alternative).

    herbert marcuse talks of the role of art as critically bringing out the alternative, avant garde. if arthouses specifically aim to go box office, it contradicts its very cultural existence, and becomes another uniquely sporean affair.

  7. oh man.. exactly, spore is not a province of china lar!
    talking about arthouse gg to the box office and recognition based on awards, ‘Ah Ma’ will be shown on the big screen at Vivo GV (not the picture house) coming June 28th together with another film. Let’s see how it performs then.

  8. No amount of arthouse films will ever damage the growth of the Singapore film industry
    Yup I like this statement and agree with it!
    I’m not exactly sure if Ah Ma is considered avant-garde. Perhaps in terms of cultural context and imageablity, the Asian “exotic-ness” gives it a certain credibility. And I suspect, that Legend of the Sea (and its predecessor Zodiac) is also playing that “exotic-ness” card with its subject matter.

  9. You’re right. Ah Ma may not be ‘arthouse’ afterall that’s why it could make its way to GV.
    Be With Me by Eric Khoo is quite refreshing. I like the frugal use of dialogue to instead focus on the expressions, mood and emotions portrayed.

  10. ok let’s go watch!

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