Update: Singapore Arts Fest ’07 Jazz Night

Jeremy Monteiro(piano), Jimmy Cobb(drums), Joy Anderson(bass), Bob Sheppard(sax), Roberta Gambarini(vocals)
Esplanade Concert Hall

We wish we could bring the sheer energy and the raw virtuosity of jazz to you guys, but jazz has to be experienced to be enjoyed. It is truly spontaneous. So how about some spontaneous notes about the concert?

(Promo Video, with Jeremy Monteiro and Joy Anderson in action)

Jeremy Monteiro – It’s his 47th birthday. (20 June)

Jeremy Monteiro – 30th year of professional career after breakout gig at Montreux Jazz, also 30th year of Singapore Arts Festival

Jimmy Cobb – 78 years old, yet banging the drums with the same fluidity and dexterity of a 20-year-old (without the pride). Respect!

Jimmy Cobb – performed with many jazz greats, including John Coltrane and Miles Davis!

Bob Sheppard – fluent in almost all woodwind instruments: clarinets, sax, flutes!

Roberta Gambarini – If you thought gibberish is, well, gibberish, wait till you hear her scatting. Syllables become pure nuances of aural expression as she composes melodies and rhythms that bring you into the new abstract realm of genuine sound, where the music doesn’t take hold of you by language anymore. Truly exploiting the vocals as a music instrument.

Joy Anderson – Double bass isn’t your typical centrestage instrument. However in jazz, all players are equal. It’s amazing to see how he strains to pluck the strings to max out the frequencies of the instrument, but for me a little sad that it still sounded strained. It’s not his playing, but the confines of the instrument.

Esplanade – Beautiful beautiful visual light displays, reminiscent of disco lights, cascading waterfalls, Yayoi Kusama installations, fireworks, iTunes visualisers. Brilliant and adds to the whole jazz vibe.

Esplanade – Techno-baroque interior?


For those clueless or yearning to learn more about this free musical form, perhaps one starting point would be Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. It features Jimmy Cobb on drums, and is the best-selling jazz album ever thus far.

Singapore Arts Festival 25 MAY – 24 JUNE 2007

qmark.jpg loves jazz!


3 responses to “Update: Singapore Arts Fest ’07 Jazz Night

  1. i luvvv this entry, u are such a jazzzzz guru ha!

    Though the players are supposedly ‘equal’, Jeremy Monteiro himself, and the good old Jimmy Cobb certainly left me with the deeper impressions.
    in what way is jazz spontaneous & free?

    oh yeah if anything, wonderful, wonderful lighting & effects! luv the generous & effective use of it!


  3. Well among others, there’s a key aspect to jazz which is its improvisation – melody created freely by the musician, on the spot, based on a certain mode or scale in the given harmonic context. Basically, you come up with music based on your feel and experience, instead of relying strictly on sheet music.
    That’s what characterises alot of the jazz pieces. (overview at wikipedia)

    To wen mew, number one is subjective. There’s no benchmark, no consensus, but what we can agree on is that she is amongst the best, up-and-coming vocalists of the new generation. Cheers!

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