Friend Z and his 1 week plus of pimping adventure

Recently, friend Z dug out his 3-year old work, buried deep in the dungeons of post-submission, and sets to resuscitate it.

before and after

Friend Z thinks that there is no bad design, only bad communication.



4 responses to “PIMP-ed!

  1. eh.. so before is the B&W drawing, and after is the coloured ones?
    Well I agree that bad communication is one thing, but what happens if you look at the numerous examples of built architecture that has been panned and slammed? Is it still a case of bad language of form, or really bad design? I am still ambivalent as to whether you can use “bad” or “wrong” to describe design.

    Speaking of pimping, here is a video on pimping your design! 😉

  2. i think, we were talking about ‘bad design’ and ‘bad communication’, very simply, more in the academic context!

    i think again, design communication & critique takes on a different context altogether in the ‘real world’.

  3. hmm built form and cultural matter do not always move in parallel directions. henceforth different grps of pple in different epochs will appreciate space and aesthetics very differently. thus there is no “bad”. or rather, bad and good do not exist on completely dichotomous terms. there is no single label as “good” or “bad”.

    design implies at a decidedly a one way flow of knowledge and cultural matter. an imposition of ideas upon pple made to use it. the paradigm of design has a presumption that the physical reality will needs alteration and addition by the architect. design is institutionalised.

    communication involves a 2 way interpretation and adaptation by the user and ultimately, how users interpret architecture the way it is. how the real sense of aesthetics is developed that resonates within every human being, not so coz a connoisseur tells u its high art. it is the process of judging “good” or “bad” as per judged by every single different individual. communication is a human technique.

    to put in another perspective, for purists,
    there is no design, only communication.

    there is only so much gratification the institution can grant or take away from u, but the human pursuit of excellance transcends time and form/space.

    rambling. dunno if i communicated this across at all. LOL

  4. Hmm I don’t know if architecture should be about design or communication, and sometimes many people don’t even care whether something is “good” or “bad”. Such is the process of what goes on around us. Philosophising about it is good, but sad if the masses don’t really bother at all.

    We need more answers!

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