Anything for the Stadium

National Stadium (Sg VS N.Korea friendly match)

Anything, like, going for a soccer match when you don’t watch soccer at all. And not surprisingly, we spent half the time (literally) walking about, roving from seats to seats, snapping away, oblivious of what was happening down at the field. But Singapore won the friendly match eventually, with a score of 2-1 (their opponents being the North Koreans). Of course, with only 1/30th of the stadium filled with people and a slow and friendly game on going, the atmosphere & excitement was only a minuscule of what a 60,000 crowd could do. But I was just happy enough to wander about that night, occasionally observing the event from where I was.



All in all, I love the texture of the place, remembered the sports meets, ndps and what nots, even the groups of aunties (or uncles) who will walk around selling their fried popiahs or samosas during the various events.

It is afterall these personal memories that have imbued the stadium as a landscape of significance.

Also, thanks Zihao and Ros, for your company that night!

qmark_pink.jpg is still mourning over her lost photos of that night! 😐


3 responses to “Anything for the Stadium

  1. Don’t worry about the lost photos. It is the experience that counts more!

    And yes! I remember those vendors walking up and down the aisles during sports meet to sell drinks. Very impromptu, very memorable. Pity its all gonna go soon. And we CANNOT do anything about it.

  2. yup.
    i doubt they will allow those impromptu acts within the premises of the upcoming new & swanky…

  3. haha i am very privileged too to have fun frens to share the evening in contemplation.

    watching all the games in the golden age of 1994 msia cup and league on tv. addictive. i am also very fortunate to be able to watch the 2005 and 2007 asean cups. TV coverage of the stadium’s roars is muffled coz they do not have mics all over the pitch like those of overseas stadiums.

    there was one match, spore vs bahrain. against a superior opposition who were cowed by the kallang roar into play acting and wasting time. the half filled stadium stood and swore profanities, screaming for the ref to “fuck off” (seriously, 30000 pple shouting fuck off is quite a spectacle with concert like synchronisation of hands pumping). AFC promptly fined spore for that. but nothing beats the spontaneous self righteousness of a little nation that night.

    really, no matter wat pple might say, nothing beats kallang roaring out majulah spore, not even national day. throwing toilet rolls as streamers. torn newspapers as confetti. kallang wave. referee kayu. singing ole ole all the way home on mrt. cheering hardcore gangsters running in to fight overseas gangsters.

    football is passion, and at the very core, the very epitome of the national spirit that pple condensed into 90 mins. and spore teams throughout the yrs live for that moment for the full house, living their lives dedicating to trying their best in spite of a seasonal bandwagon crowd.

    i can only hope the crowd that pays 16 dollar a ticket are not prim and proper ah sia giahs who suddenly got a nostalgic attack and start dreaming they had once been part of history. i only hope the mild and chirpy malay aunties in their tudong who turn into fervent fans do turn out too. and teach the impressionable kids over there the real meaning behind the kallang roar.

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