Back and forth

Note: This post is dated at least a week back. x_x

Indeed! These past 2 weeks had been a visual feast in so many ways- Having dear friends back from afar; coupled with a revisit to a funky lane in town to find an array of new sights and sounds, then the climax of another memorable trip up north (which constitutes 85% play and a 15% conference + food package) leaving me wanting to see more, hear more, feel more……more, more, more!
This has been a season of going back and forth, as in the cases of all reunions, revisits and history- all the thens and the nows. It makes one aware of all the changes or not, big and small to places, to people, to things, triggering a certain nostalgia of things bygone, or the excitement of re-acquaintance, possibly through new levels of engagement.

So there, I’ll gradually rock back and forth and back and forth……..!
Haji Lane in Kampung Glam, with its flowering of boutique shops (and a couple of themed cafes) offering a range of vintage & alternative fare, nested within funky shophouse interiors.


pitch black


More here

back and forth _____________________________________________________________________________
– the reclaiming and development of the river banks of the old town is now almost complete with the back of the existing old houses (which used to line the river), tucked alongside the new walkway. These houses take on new roles as exhibits for the curious on-lookers & visitors walking along the river.


907057858_459c75c441.jpg then

img_1136_300px.jpg now

Maybe it was just a lazy weekday afternoon- but amidst the on-going construction works, the old town seemed much quieter & the daily activities hidden, or lesser.

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back and forth _____________________________________________________________________________



Stella, who has since gone back to HK and PS back in Melbourne, and Jiayu who feels stuck in SG…!


The grass patches outside the National Museum, like the museum itself is still green and fresh and cow grass free.

qmark_pink.jpg‘s 2nd week at work after a long vacation.


2 responses to “Back and forth

  1. I like Haji Lane! It’s like boutique Malacca, or guerilla Penang! Nice pretty shops, but hope they don’t get those big labels in. I prefer small indie labels~

  2. RAWRRR you tampered with my post.. haha but since it makes pig sense, i shall forgive u!
    i like haji lane, it’s quaint, quiet but definitely not sleepy.

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