A first, and yeah i won’t forget how I puked my breakfast and lunch out due to bouts of sea-sickness- apparently I ate/ ate too much before the sessions……. but, snokerlling was nonetheless bagus! Diving must be great, later though.

A disposable waterproof film camera handy, we snapped away not knowing exactly how the shots would turn out- I kind of like the grains produced by film, (or is that just not so good resolution) and the accidents that occur as a result of this lack of certainty. Digital shots seem almost too perfect these days.

Peeking through the gear is like watching your own documentary as you quietly immerse in the world below. Schools of fishies nip the fingers as they scramble for bits of bread. The sights weren’t fantastic though, apart from the ocassional big and colourful fishies and schools of mini sized ones whizzing by, the corals were mostly dead like rocks.

But the temporal other worldly-ness, floating under water and being surrounded by the fishies actually soothes my sea-sickness, just as how swimming always feels good!

qmark_pink.jpghas borrowed a fish-eye film camera.


4 responses to “Snorks

  1. omg you finally developed the photos.. gimme!!

    i remembered exactly the first time i saw the world in a different lens once immersed underwater and it was such a wonderful experience, almost like flying as you float amongst stuff you only see on tv and sense the presence of another dimension.

    glad you took the shots! it was a lovely experience. Again Again!

  2. get from me when u see me online haha.
    liked the experience, like the photos as well.

  3. next step scuba dive!

  4. yeah scubi with more fishies and more sharkies!

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