The World of…

… Science!

The past couple of sundays were spent in NUS (yes, in school) helping a friend, Wendy doing bio-science with a choice chamber she needs for her final-year-project (fyp). And that marked the first of a few exciting visits to the marine biology science lab! Never really knew what the others (other faculties) in school are doing, the spaces they roam day in and out, shuffling between lectures, tutorials, labs, bus stops and what nots… . Thus it was a really simple but refreshing experience, to be given a couple of days to explore an alternative place in school- getting acquainted with the marine bio lab, their aquarium and well, what Wendy was generally up to!

It’s another world altogether, but not too different either. Here’s a glimpse.

The marine biology aquarium- where Wendy keeps her crabs. This place is like a fish farm with an elevated platform to reach the tanks above.


Species: Dead perisesarma eumolpes and indiarums preserved in alchohol

If you do know of any friends doing science who needs help with their fyps, do volunteer to help! You may just find yourself in some ulu parts of Singapore catching crabs or moths or fishies, getting a glimpse into their world of intrigue- studying little creatures, diving for sea corals and fish, burrowing deep into field work and experimentation, seeking answers & patiently waiting to phantom the inner workings of their research babies. I just hope that in the midst of all these enthusiastic investigations, that they be careful with the lives of those creatures as well.

More photos here

“…I yell at architects when they start talking about architecture. I force them to discuss far more interesting topics, like turkey eggs. Why do we eat chicken eggs, but not turkey eggs?” – AnnieChoi



3 responses to “The World of…

  1. Those pictures remind of the Donna Ong installation at the Singapore BIennale last year, but more raw and more authentic!

  2. Donna Ong… is it the chyrsalis one? marie curie? haha…

  3. yes yes yes! the old world charm

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