Musique music


Outdoor musical events seem to be a growing local trend.

Free The Musique Raffles Place Park

Can’t wait to blog about this!

Unlike WOMAD (will do a short post following.. soon!), this other recent outdoor musical event comes without an admission fee- yes it’s FREE thanks to home-grown gig organisers Kinemat. And that does not imply a compromise in quality, in fact the 1st installation of the series sees independent local bands such as The Great Spy Experiment sharing the stage with Koop, the Swedish electronic jazz duo who performs live as a 7-piece swing orchestra. One word sums up the night of events- Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Local acts took to a 4-hr presence of the 5-hr event and one can’t help but feel that throughout a good part of the night, people seemed to be waiting; quietly anticipating the highlight of the night. But a major act as a ‘background’ to put the minor ones on the foreground is a great move considering the local music scene is still in its defining phase and isn’t as well received, yet. Though generally, local bands are still an introverted lot- there were little interaction with the audience as if the musicians were merely focused on getting their music right.

Local post electronic rock band MUON

Local duo DJ Dean & Kaye on the saxaphone

Thus, it was of little wonder, that the entire atmosphere took to a change the moment Koop and the mini orchestra were on stage- each of the members carried such comfortable vibes & energies that their stage presence as a whole was certain. Almost without hesitation they broke into an orchestrated swing of instrumental melodies, eventually joined by singer-songwriter Norwegian Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen with her distinctively infectious jazzy carabet vocals and those gentle sways in movement that sends you off to the Carribbean-scapes with a rendition of “Koop Island Blues”.

Koop- “Koop Island Blues” Live


The event remained in an all encompassing atmosphere throughout the night- the music was free, the grounds were spacious, setting casual & Koop’s performance attracted many passer-bys to simply stop by to enjoy the musique . And just round the corner, a man in his 40s, seemingly in a ‘homeless’ plight, could be seen sleeping on one of the ledges nearby as if the music was his lullaby.

It’s a pity I couldn’t stay right till the end, but the music continues to resonate even from a far…

Musique music!

More photos of the event here

qmark_pink.jpgis going to get Koop Island!


2 responses to “Musique music

  1. Such a lovely event and so super exciting. I really like KOOP haha.
    And I think the atmosphere is really great for this, with some beer and chairs of course.

  2. yah next time must picnic with loads of fooood and drinks! i was sooo hungry that night. but well we’ll just end up standing eventually if u wanna see the performance at all haha.. the crowd was so enthusiastic!
    ive got more videos and of better resolution too (you tube limits uploads), maybe can pass to you someday..

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