The Rail Deal


The future of rail transportation in Singapore. And it looks increasingly clunkier! We are edging closer to the messy loops of NY, London, and other bustling metropolises, the only problem is that we are so much smaller here. Do we really need that many stations?

Rail lines: 6

Circle Line: 32

East-West: 31

North-South: 28

Downtown Line: 32

Northeast Line: 17

LRT Stations: 40

qmark.jpgsips a cup of tea.


3 responses to “The Rail Deal

  1. is bt timah gg to have one, finally?
    there’s a kind of excitement looking at the rail map, its like there are so many corners in this small island of ours that may be more accessible to the general public soon, like i see Labrador Park station?… good and bad, though it makes me feel like SG ain’t that small afterall…! when are we gg to explore more?!

  2. oh… i think its interesting too, how people tend to relate the physical geography of a city with its rail map, its like a condensed summary of the city

  3. yup. now train stations are like bus stops, and bus stops like rain shelters.
    and it seems once somewhere has a train station, it becomes “overdeveloped”, “discovered” and doesnt seem authentic and fun anymore, you think?

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