Wide-eyed, Warped hemisphere, of Twisted angles and Distortion…

Welcome to the world of the fisheye!

qmark_pink.jpgis at work!


11 responses to “Fisheye

  1. hey
    u do take many interesting photos.. totally cool… I accidentally came across them while doing my project… but your stuff are interesting that I paused my work for a moment.. haha… are you from nus archi??


  2. hey bin,
    haha thanks, but there are 2 ppl mending this site though. and yes nus archi it is.. what project are you doing, and where do you come from?

  3. hey

    reallie? oicic.. I am from lasalle, interior design.. but my school has this craze over archi stuff 😛
    oh.. I was researching WOHA.. and you took some photos of the exhibition…
    and you have very good photography skills… (I am bad at taking photos..)
    so both of you have grad? now practising architect is it?


  4. ohhh… i think you must be talking about my friend instead! (votrex?) he’s the one with the superb skills! haha.. ok i’ll ask him to come talk to u… but in any case, no, i’m doing my year-out now actually, just completed 4th year, and my friend’s doing his 3rd year, so yup effectively we’re still students!
    i’ve heard quite somethings about interior design in lasalle from this tutor in NUS who used to teach there long time ago, quite alot of architectural stuff going on there as well 🙂
    do you like your new campus?!

  5. haha.. interesting… haha.. I know one guy from nus archi year 4 this year i think.. So have you been to my sch new campus???

    I think pt of view it’s really nice… interesting space planning.. but just pity that no interior design was done to it..(except the library and staff areas..) and honestly the studio is rather… crappy.. sigh..

    so what did your tutor said abt lasalle?? btw do you all have students that just enter nus archi with their portfolio or what instead of a levels results???

  6. hello!
    we’ve actually been to your new campus during one of the rojak nights held at the green patch in your school! i must say i was captivated by the chaos and unpredictable space forms. i’ve not been really exploring the interiors, so i can’t really judge it. but i guess its exciting to have a studio is a new environment like this, is it really that crappy?

    well for students who enter archi, for my batch and a leaf of’s batch at least, we have to take an aplitude test, there wasn’t any portfolio involved. but i heard now the system has changed somewhat, gotta go check it out

  7. haha quite a bit of conversation going on here ay.. anyways bin, I’ve heard from the tutor I mentioned that someone who used to study interior design at lasalle did go on to NUS to study architecture too. If you’re interested, I can ask him more about it if not it’ll be good that you contact the school admin too.
    anyways care to share with us here, the project you’re doing now?… or just about anything you are interested in when it comes to interior design? anywhere we can view your stuff? 🙂

  8. hey

    yup that green patch is the common area for lasalle.. students will just laze/sleep/discuss/chat at that patch.. the form and space allocation is reallie interesting.. alot of those mini pods.. 😛 but for my studio is ver crappy cos of the open studio concept.. combined studios with product design.. sigh and now alot of arguments becos of the noise level.. oh well we are just too used to having our old space..(so now no one really stays in studio to do work.. we used to stay over for weeks..)

    I did heard bef that we used to have one senior being able to continue his studies in NUS archi.. but I heard only one.. but I guess I will give it a try after my BA.. although I put overseas uni as my first choice.. (no offence) cause I think overseas learning culture might suit me better…

    btw.. i was wondering how NUS archi teaching/learning approach towards archi?? is it more on functional aspects? or conceptual aspects? (cause I hav heard many rumours abt NUS archi just teaching you to build HDBs)

    I would like to share my work with you:D but I didnt post it online… ops.. and it will take some time if i do now.. actually I am into archi:P my work is focus more on the overall concept and less on the details.. haha.. i am intendin to go into this field:D so I am tryin to find out more abt archi schs…

    both of you are reallie interesting people:D esp votrex’s photography skills..( hope i could get some tips from u) haha:P perhaps both of you could add me at could have a better chat with both of u:D


  9. and sry for the long comment…
    it was unintentional..


  10. hey bin, we can always be contacted here or via our emails.. do keep us updated when you’ve got an online space somewhere! check back here too..
    All the best for your project! 🙂

  11. great 😀
    take care too:D
    and good job for your this website again:D


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