Good Morning.

She wakes up trapped.
She belongs to a shade of green, but she yearns for greener
She unclothes
Naked, the green still shades her
Looking towards the sky and trees, she despairs.

Pasir Panjang Apartments

Edward Hopper

(TOP: Pasir Panjang Apartments) (BOTTOM: Morning in a City, Edward Hopper)

qmark.jpg survived hell week!


2 responses to “Good Morning.

  1. haha what a narrative! very convincing pairing of images too.. hilarious!
    she could easily be one of us.. ooh i like the hues.
    how did you come about to this edward hopper painting?

  2. haha why she can easily be one of us???? i like the hues too!
    the edward hopper was a reference for “in transit”.

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