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Not Spam — Sep 4, 7:09 PM — [ View Post ]

To that list of things that are inevitable in life (death, taxes), you can add spam.
Spam in the kitchen, spam in the mailbox, spam in the email, spam in the blog, spam on the handphone, spam spam spamming spammed spam.

But there’s something unique about the spam that I receive in wordpress, as opposed to my hotmail or NUS mail. It is of a higher grade. It sounds like Neal Stephenson on steroids, a hermit autistic doctor with super vocabulary who has just been discharged from his secret corporate research lab to give a press release.

I’m intrigued by the grammatical viability of (wordpress) spam and how it can develop into sensical strings provided definitions for “avelox” or “aviane” can be found. Heck! The above spam can even be a play with extensive use of Alliteration, a treatise on medical jargon with the letter A. Shoot me if you must, but now I’ve fallen into the trap – I’m reading spam with intent, I’m observing spam with my precious time. But I believe, that a map is hidden behind the language, a free-form semiotic labyrinth that regenerates and evolves to put itself right in front of our eyes. Now allow me to read my Saussure…

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Spam Architecture

On another note, here’s another visual, creative albeit weird consequence of spam: architecture by Alex Dragulescu. Spam can actually be a sequence of spaces to move through, now a literal map into a secret building, a hidden space….

qmark.jpg moves into higher gear.


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