What’s School?

And I attended Prof. William Lim’s lecture “Towards a Design Culture of Creativity and Criticality” last week.

Beyond his rhetoric about the move away from the capitalist structure, Euro-modernism and Eurocentric modes of thought, I ponder over his machinistic dissection of the topic creativity, with deadpan tape recitation and linear powerpoint slides (cue the clicks). Perhaps the only vestige of creativity is in the wacky

                                                 presentation notes.

And then I spotted Sir Ken Robinson on TED Talks and I was hooked. It’s almost antithetical. So much for the university professor… Do watch this!

 Vodpod videos no longer available.

 qmark.jpgis seeking inspiration too….


4 responses to “What’s School?

  1. omg! thats what i thought too! i was sitting for William Lim’s lect (alseep half the time, struggling to decipher his murmurings in the other) and i was thinking of TED talks!

  2. i nv really associated William Lim with creativity but always, criticality. I guess his was a creativity borne out of criticality… always remember his coughings and the stripped to basic ppt slides, loaded with theories and ideals and his PA who would go clic clic clic….. ted talks is amazing!

  3. somehow his criticality stays in the 70s… anachronistic criticality doesn’t really apply does it?

  4. his is a neurotic musing of “what ifs” and ignoring the local criticality and historical conditions. whilst he can talk as much as he want abt post-colonial liberation and autonomy of tot, his models from richard florida and leon van shaik bespeaks of someone seeking external standards and reverting to a deep-seated inferior complex.

    creativity does not arise from talk. it arises from praxis.

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