The Snow

A beautiful 19th century Romantic chorale piece by Edward Elgar, managed to find a streaming here. One of my favourite choral pieces to date…

O snow, which sinks so light,
Brown earth is hid from sight,
O soul, be thou as white,
As white as snow

O snow, which falls so slow,
Dear earth quite warm below;
O heart, so keep thy glow,
Beneath the snow.

… The snow must melt, must go,
Fast, fast as water flow.
Not thus, my soul, O sow
Thy gifts to fade like snow

…Then as the snow all pure,
O heart be, but endure;
Through all the years full sure,
Not as the snow.

qmark_pink.jpgis seeking a little inspiration…


One response to “The Snow

  1. i need inspiration too…

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