Culture Junkie

I am a culture junkie, a design junkie, a living sponge, interested, attracted and addicted to the cultural offerings of the urban-polis- excited by events, exhibitions, museums, films, performances… . Culture sustains urban life, render meaning, provides insight, open minds and triggers inspirations with its constant flux and flows.. sometimes it feels as though I depend on it, and live for it. It’s ecstasy.

documentation/ cultural artifacts


icon stickers for the Singapore Design Festival 2007

Where would you place these artifacts of culture? And what do you use them for? Posters on walls, brochures in pretty piles and boxes, postcards as make-shift bookmarks, stickers on sketchbooks?

What about the abstract, that of the countless images, information & experiences that come and go? Do these bits and pieces eventually come together and become a whole?

qmark_pink.jpgfeeds on culture… yummm.


7 responses to “Culture Junkie

  1. i find this a very thought-provoking post – the idea of cultural artifacts, or rather the idea of cultural events paraphernalia as artifacts. When these bits and pieces come together, i guess it reveals a sort of image-conscious world, where visual stimuli is prioritised and emphasised. It’s a plural world: there is no bad design anymore, just varying styles. Content has to be aestheticised, otherwise it fails to attract and ceases to become content.

    When I collect these cultural paraphernalia and they accumulate into a heap of mass good design , I begin to wonder how disposable “culture” is becoming.

  2. i never thought of it this way! “how disposable culture is becoming”.
    somehow i feel that this connotes a lil bane in perhaps the notion of cultural sustainability (ok don’t kill me for using this word.. haha), and i think on hind sight, it’s good that the pace in which these elements come and go, the ephemeral quality keeps the scene seemingly vibrant, it somehow loses that granduer that is more permanent. well, i still like that idea of anticipating something. ya indeed, there isn’t such clear definition as a bad design, not unless it’s considered from a pragmatic point of view.

  3. yup huilian, I like how you see it, that the plurality of culture/ cultural events/ cultural artifacts mentioned by hg render it an ephemeral quality instead. It is that fleeting quality that sustains the activities of the culture junkie, providing that constant flux of anticipation and renewal, keeping the scene and our urbane appetites very much alive..?
    hg, in what sense might you eventually see culture as “disposable”? Is it a result of its increased accessibility or the bombardment of visual stimuli?

  4. Disposable in the bombardment of visual stimuli, disposable in the dilution of it all in its accumulation, disposable in the see-and-throw-away, there’s-more-to-come way.

  5. incidentally there’s an exhibition, so coincidentally named “Design as Cultural Artefact”! Its at national library level 8. follow this link!

  6. such coincidence! ha! i’m not sure if the exhibition is really what it is supposed to be about but ‘the consumption of design is an interesting phenomenon to behold’, very true indeed.
    ok i’m gg!

  7. yay another place to go!!

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