Insights from the Inside.

(ArchiTours Publicity Poster)


The National Museum has catwalks in the ceiling.

SMU‘s architects didn’t know whether the grass screens would work.

The Gallery Hotel has a disguised “icon” representing William Lim Associates.

You can enter the Singapore Art Museum for free.

The Hwa Chong Institution was built up from many many many phases.

The National Library was designed for stack effect.

La Salle has an underground studio.


The Russian delegate group we took comprised of people from diverse parts of the former Soviet Union.

Under the Kingshill Media Group, they organise architectural construction tours overseas very often.

Their delegates consist of chief architects and specialists and directors (!!!)

We hope they had a good time during the tours.

ArchiTours is part of ArchiFest, part of Singapore Design Festival 2007

qmark.jpgurges you to sign up for ArchiTours if you haven’t!


2 responses to “Insights from the Inside.

  1. u did great!! hahahha.. thankful to have you as my co-guide for that tour! u saved the day, really.

  2. haha thanks huilian. you also did really great too! and without you there will be so many people missing!! (from national museum, from ocbc building)

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