What is your City? – Contents

As we make our way towards new cityscapes of varying densities and varying experiences, perhaps here I would like to share with you our itinerary through images from E都市 (E-City) website which is like an alternative version of Google Earth, or SimCity for real. You can search offices, streets, even locate all the McDonald branches in the city!

Stop 1: Hong Kong 香港

Stop 2: Shenzhen 深圳


Stop 3: Beijing 北京

Stop 3-1: Forbidden City

Stop 4: Shanghai 上海

This website only maps cities in China, and I wonder how they would update the buildings/maps when they change. Nevertheless, it is a great effort to detail every single buildings, render them and it is amazing simply to view the different cityscapes in China!

What is your city then?

qmark.jpg begins packing.


5 responses to “What is your City? – Contents

  1. Greetings from HK! Love the weather here.. nice re-acquaintance thus far! Meanwhile… anticipating China too! 🙂

  2. where are you guys now? update!

  3. amazing website!! and please keep us updated about ur travels 🙂

  4. heya… we are in hk now… it’s funny cos in prc somehow wordpress.com domains are not accessible. but anyway, will update lots soon!
    happy 2008 everyone!

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