Happy 2008!

The moon has set and the new sun rises in the East.

Just got back from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, with many tales to tell about the culture and life in these burgeoning cities. Will update along the way. But meanwhile, there’s thanking everyone who have been visiting and supporting this little receptacle of ours.

Have a happy 2008! Let’s all Look Right!


5 responses to “Happy 2008!

  1. happy new year pull your ear!

  2. you guys should have came for the biennale. jaw dropping stuff

  3. ha! would have if we knew the dates earlier.. but its ok… waiting for your documentation! welcome home btw

  4. home? haha still here, staying extra days

    Oh yeah i’ll show you guys soon. Its very good stuff especially the student’s works from HK unis.

  5. hey. i want an extended holiday too. bahhh.. try to go to the one at SZ too.. don’t know if the standard’s comparable though. have fun!!

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