Behind the Project “In Transit”


“8 local literary quickies adapted for TV titillation.” 

That’s how Arts Central has described their Singapore Short Story Project, now into its 3rd Season. The episode which I was involved in is finally going to be shown this Sunday, 20th January at 9pm! Adapted from 2 short stories by local writers, “Video” by Alfian Sa’at as well as another by Denyse Tessensohn, it tells tales of 2 distinct people. Even though the events that unfold could be seen as “conventional”, it is the intricacies of development and setting in Singapore that gives it a fresh perspective.

Well much was learnt about directing and the evolution from script to visual reality – the issues of perception and choreography becomes pertinent and can drive the film in wildly different directions and readings. The creation of content (symbolic/contextual) also becomes a project in understanding and giving depth to the story. It’s almost like architecture where you articulate a central idea into material form; and not to mention the importance of spatial composition.

At many times stressful, at certain times really fun, but definitely memorable! 

qmark.jpg embarks on P3.


3 responses to “Behind the Project “In Transit”

  1. hey..! cool stuff.. ok, will catch it! 🙂 u were part of which? directing??

  2. i caught the last one and yup though the stories and execution are almost cliche and all but it still feels alright since its a local production set in the local context!

    that being said, can someone help record this episode cos i think i won’t be home in time for it…..! heh

  3. saw it on central yesterday. caught it in studio, shuxian, jia nich and i crowding infront of the little screen.

    Well done!

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