Designboom, a famous online portal about art, design and architecture has been running quite a few posts about Singapore’s scene. It began with the Singapore Design Festival 2007, and it went to feature other local news such as the newly opened Naumi Hotel and an interview with Theseus Chan, principal of WORK.

Do check out WOHA’s Studio at Hong Kong Street: a corporate resort studio in characteristic tropical browns and serious monochromatic tones.



5 responses to “Designboom

  1. its a very good site but why nnot put some samples of architects

  2. Hi Salman, i guess they take a broader view in terms of art, design and architecture. perhaps you can get a better response if you ask them directly. 🙂

  3. i think its great, how they dissected the numerous events and places into digestible bits of information and images, though its mostly touch and go. reminds me a ‘lil of shorts and snippers.. i’ve subscribed to their monthly newsletter! (for fun) haha

  4. haha yeah! maybe we could change the Shorts and Snippers to a more organised format like theirs… just a thought

  5. yeah it needs some organisation, maybe we can set up shorts and snippers somewhere else (actual contents) and have only an image on the current page that will link to the actual contents on that somewhere else (another blog space?).
    So the current ‘shorts and snippers’ page will be a collection of ‘thumbnails’ and the main page will still be the same, linking as well to the other blog space.. hmmmmmmmm.
    im sure there’s a better way though.
    is that a mini smiley face i see on the top right?? hahahaha….

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