2D 3D

In light of that one-week-holiday-but-i-still-got-design-to-do spirit, here’s a highlight of some games to check out: endless fun while stimulating your brain to solve those space-planning issues.

1. Fez by Kokoromi

Architects should have no problem navigating this game – they read and draft out so many elevations in their lifetime! A homage and 3D twist to those 2D games of old Nintendo.

2. Portal by Valve

My favourite game firm eschewing the traditional space continuum to create yet another dimension to their already immersive CG environment with their Source Engine. (trailer)

3. Echochrome by SonyJapan

Releasing soon, this uses an axo engine called the Object Locative Environment Coordinate System, an interactive optical illusion software, to create an Escher-esque landscape which one has to navigate through and “solve”. (trailer)

This trend of 3D puzzle games is exciting, exploiting and capitalising on the very notion of three-dimensionality. Make sure it doesn’t screw your head up!
(Via Thomas’ blog, SuperColossal)

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4 responses to “2D 3D

  1. wowwie!
    have funnn! :p

  2. haha you should try too! maybe fez when its out: seems like the most cutesy amongst the 3

  3. most cutesy -______-” thanks ah, haha…
    i’m actually more curious about the 3rd one though, intriguing new stuff- and also ‘cos it is the most simple in terms of graphics and yet feels the most advanced in many ways.

  4. yeap you are spot-on! this sony person marketed it as the game with the simplest graphics yet with the maximum amount of gameplay!

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