Malaysia [4]: Melaka

While you can’t compare it to the catalytic visit to Bali by Liu Kang and the other pioneer artists, it bears a slight resemblence in that rediscovery of the old-world, the carefree and the picturesque. We learn about the human scale, we learn about the urban spatial condition and the development of the city. Most of all, we uncover the “humanity” of the town – the refreshing Chendol, the rich Nyonya Laksa, the Curios-shop auntie along Jonker Walk who informs us of the 2 ringgit bus ride, the assembly of students in St. Francis School, the nanchuk-wielding housewife battling mineral water bottles in an early morning exercise routine…. and so on.

A beautiful town.

qmark.jpgnotes the sudden number of Melaka posts from the Archi3 blogosphere.


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