Read; March Mags


Tyler Brûlé reports on the new Changi T3, with a short overview of facilities and OK verdict in article SMOOTH LANDING. qmark will visit T3 soon so do check back!


Freelance Writer Daven Wu reports on Pearl Bank Apartments in PEARL GEM. Whatever opinion that might have been voiced from both camps of the en-bloc furore, I still find architect Tan Cheng Siong’s description the best, “… it was born of a heroic period when Singapore was searching for its place in the sun.” More on (proconservation)


My ex-lecturer Cheah Kok Ming muses on the use of the ferrous patina in IN PRAISE OF RUST. Textured, weathered materials are rarely seen in SG, although ironically the signs of weathering are easily seen on many surfaces. A case for following the successful examples of Gigon/Guyer and Iroje.

qmark.jpgand school reopens.


3 responses to “Read; March Mags

  1. ooooh march is good, march mags are goood! i’ll go get SA. haha. keep sharing please!
    and also im glad.. you brought the table in!

  2. haha i can pass u my SA.. on tues…i got xtra copy

  3. wah whats the deal how come got extra.. ok i want! 😀

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