The Grand Entrance

If you turn into the ulu Hyderabad road along Alexandra Road, and follow it for about 200m, you will see the newly opened HortPark Visitor Centre by MKPL Architects.

HortPark is a one-stop gardening hub that brings together gardening-related recreational, research and retail activities under one big canopy in a park setting. It is also one of the park connectors within the grand scheme of an island wide green network.


Despite the tight budget, MKPL managed to bring out elegance in simplicity by paring down to the essentials of structure. Construction is efficient and straightforward and all services are tucked to the sides making for easy navigation and an overall uncluttered look.


  • Slender steel column stubs sit atop big concrete pillars for a light expression of the metal deck roof.


  • The mal steel spiral staircase is an exhibit of refined details.


  • An infinity pool stretches across the edge of the building, allowing for an unobstructed view of the nature beyond.

So pop down to HortPark for a breath of fresh air if you need a break from design!

ruilin.jpg: our new contributor Ruilin!


7 responses to “HortPark

  1. Hello Ruilin! Nice entry!
    I’ve been wanting to go HortPark since that time but I couldnt make it… did my friend Shiwei bring you around on the buggy? If you havent maybe can visit it again another time!

  2. the bald mole

    hey HG, I wanted to go onto the buggy! but my studio hat to rush off to a meeting at MKPL’s office, so i dint get to explore the actual park itself. Let’s go there again!

  3. hey…
    our studio manage to get a ride on the buggy, it was fun…HG: your friend brought us around, she is very nice. it’s a fun trip with prof tse…woohooo…haha

  4. Haha I’m glad you guys had fun. I’m not sure if she mentioned that she was rather disappointed with the building – if it rains she could get rather wet due to poor design considerations!

  5. the bald mole

    oh yes, Shiwei did mentioned that. It’s the interface between the main atrium and the smaller building at the side. It was a design intention to distinguish between the main and the service spaces, but practical concerns were sacrificed as the roof height difference were so large that rain could come in easily.

  6. Will definitely drop by one day! Haven’t really seen MKPL’s works- Pai Leng was invited as a guest critic for our studio when I was doing RIBA.
    quite a surprise that incidences as such are permissible in SG.. reminds me of the award winning Assyafaah Mosque by Forum, it is not rain proof either!

  7. yeah sometimes the award criteria is always far away from the practical – sometimes it is more about aesthetics, concept or novelty, and ignoring the basic concerns of shelter

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