Make a Point.

Gearing for the last 3 weeks to a BA (Arch) degree, it’s time to start designing the “superficial” stuff. For architecture to happen, presentation is crucial. It’s about communicating the language of architecture to others – allowing people to imagine being in the building, and imagine it in a good way. Telling your story and making it work is the most basic aspect of this presentation, elevating it to the realm of graphic design gives the project depth, mood and conveys flair.

qmark shares some inspiration and pointers:


Edward Tufte is a master of visual communication. Good architects read and actualise his pointers – do yourself a favour and grab hold of one of his books!


I sat in for Andrew Lee’s interim debrief. And surprise surprise, he mentioned to the studio his formula to architectural communication – Les 8 Points d’ une architecture nouvelle (8 points towards a new architecture):

  • Comprehensive aerial site plan
  • Impactful montage
  • Diagrams
  • Spatial organisation
  • Proper plans
  • Interiors in relation to exterior
  • Plans in relation to sections
  • Plans with relation to details


I was also shown some exceptional panels from the previous years. Check out Tasmia’s detail perspective, Junxian’s renders and Roystern’s detail drawings.

(Credit: Tasmia)

(Credit: Junxian)

(Credit: Roystern)


Another great resource is the RIBA President’s Medals. It presents outstanding Part I and II entries from member schools all over the world, so you can see the quality and differences in development for students pursuing the same programme as us. Don’t miss the rare and timely RIBA Student Awards 2007 exhibition going on (till 18th April) in NUS Department of Architecture!

qmark.jpg hates it when good events coincide with submissions. grr..


9 responses to “Make a Point.

  1. hmmm, thanks for all the useful points. i’m sure everyone will benefit from the RIBA exhibition, wish they plan it earlier…haha. anyway, shall be grateful for that. all da best for RIBA!

  2. yes all the best for RIBA! 3 weeks left..

  3. wow the presentation panels are great!! the rendering is just wow wow wow… they are from year 3 students uh…

  4. yay to the new post cos i really din like the yucky picture of the post before this!

    its good to still be conscious about what others are doing/ have done and about a precise presentation style? (crucial), even as a deadline looms ahead….! yeah make a point to… well done!

    good luck guys…

  5. Bin: yup they were year 3 students.. I’m sure you can do those too if pressured to haha

    aleafof: oops i didn’t know that you didn’t like the picture haha..

  6. which picture?? mm
    oh but i reallie love to go around looking at different kind of presentation board design haha… is like each sch got it’s own kind of style.. interesting..
    oh btw i was visiting ur website the other day and saw ur adv abt spore international film festi.. but kinda late when i see this.. cos most of the tickets are sold out.. hahaha.. did u all manage to see any of the films?

  7. I think some of the films for SIFF are still available! I can’t go cos there’s RIBA submission coming up grrr…

  8. all of u hav to submit for RIBA??
    i tot it is jus an exhibition..

  9. yeah its the accreditation process for archi students… the exhibition showcases the best works from that accreditation process.

    anyway i just came back from that exhibition, it’s alright, many of them not really understandable though haha

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