The Interview Form

Went for an interview at an archi firm along River Valley Road and had to fill in an interview form that went something like this- as true as my memory holds:

1. What is your greatest achievement so far?

2. Who (dead or alive) would you really like to have dinner with and where?

3. What is your biggest source of inspiration?

4. Who, in your field of practice do you admire and why?

5. Draw your favourite object.

6. Draw your favourite space.

7. Draw in anyway you like the following items- path, house, snake, fence, a body of water, chimney, tree.

Most are pretty standard questions on the list but that was definitely an atypical interview- one that I will probably remember in a long time to come. Left the place after a good 40mins? of thinking, writing and doodling, intrigued by how discerning an interview was in such a short span of time.

qmark_pink.jpgponders over her answers… & looks forward to the new job!


16 responses to “The Interview Form

  1. wow cool questions! but i’m more interested in the answers šŸ˜‰

  2. haha shhhhhhh.
    Is a leaf considered an object?
    and I don’t know why I put Andy Warhol as the person I wanna have dinner with.. its so random!
    that’s already 2 answers for you šŸ™‚

  3. Yes a leaf is an object, aleafy isn’t though. Ha..
    So would you have dinner with Warhol in the Factory?

  4. hahaha…. stop it!

    ah, nope the Factory didn’t come to mind.. i had the usual cafe in mind but one in a museum, like novus, what a bore right. hahaha… but i really quite like novus cafe…

  5. arc studio

  6. oooo!! coool!! hahah.. andy warhol eh?? good taste!

  7. oahiz- cheyyyy haha..

    huilian- warhol is coming to town again…! see today’s Life! if you haven’t

  8. haha…i’m more interested in knowing which firm is that…haha…

    it’ll be cool-er if they ask those question without asking you to show your portfolio…haha

  9. i work first then tell u how it’s like………

    i think that’s what its supposed to be- u’ll fill the form first and we’ll talk to u later- about your answers and your portfolio!
    i’ve got a feeling mine’s not in sync. sigh haha.

    anyways have a think about the questions too… after submissions!

  10. no need to think so hard. they are looking for spontaneous answer. they want the real you.haha…

  11. yeahhh haha, was just told by oahiz aka zihao that the last question is a psychometric test

  12. omg.. so funny the questions.. haha.. i m so shocked tt the firms reallie asked such questions(although I dun mind it at all).. cos tt time when my lecturers had a trial interviews for each of us.. they asked funny questions like these and we thought they are crazy.. hahaha

  13. haha actually if u think about it, those are very valid and ‘normal’ questions just not the kind of questions you will expect from a proper interview..
    perhaps an archi design firm is not an archi design firm for nothing!
    fun yeah…

  14. ya i know la.. but jus cant imagine goin for a interview and got such questions.. haha.. but at least it asked in the form.. so u got some time to tink alittle.. imagine they ask u during a one to one interview.. ahha.. i tink i will need to recover from a moment of shock bef can ans them.. hahaa

  15. oh man i have no interview!!!!

  16. DP is happy family.

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