Retrospectively Warhol

A is for Andy exhibition 2007- More than Cambell soups and Marilyn Monroes.

Perhaps the use of acid-free paper & good quality pigments, combined with proper care throughout the years make these pieces appear as if they were fresh off the printer! The texture of the pigments used, the layering of inks and the mad riot of fresh colours are revealed & their impact felt only on closer scrutiny, when one sees the actual work of art.

Such qualities are rarely/never captured in the glossy prints of the paintings in books or magazine graphics.

Here’s another chance to catch these paintings live if you missed the previous exhibition!

See details- 100 Warhols Plus Twenty Servings Of Soup On The Side.

qmark_pink.jpg keen on an art exhibition… anyone with a space for rent?


8 responses to “Retrospectively Warhol

  1. Argh i want to be rich enough to buy one to put in my art collection.. Decadent and gritty!

    Collectors contemporary has a nice list of collections and i’m also eagerly waiting for their Tilted Balance exhibition. Sounds like another blockbuster.

  2. yeah i wanna be atas in the near future and start collecting art pieces too! hahaha

    if u guys wanna catch the exhb tell me, i wanna go take a look at their space.
    there seems to be some accompanying talks as well

  3. yes please! and also attend one of their talks! feel atas early on haha.. the photo of that place looks quite nice, hopefully its 798-ish

  4. yup, probably a couple of the last 3 talks after you know what haha..
    too bad i can’t attend the postmodernity one as well, am interested..

    would be great if we really have some sort of a 798 in SG..
    ooh okie this is getting exciting!

  5. yes yes! haha but thinking too far ahead, now on to do the you know what… great post!

  6. oh man! this is uncanny. i just msg u on fb about this andy warhol exhibition coz i saw it in the papers n here i am seeing ur post! i wanna go!

  7. can i join too? haha

  8. yup hl and cw, let’s all gooo!
    but first, get what you need to get out of the way first..
    good luck peeps

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