Student Works #3 – Brewing atmosphere

by Liao Jiekai

qmark attended a screening during SIFF a few weeks back, of the latest work by our good friend Jiekai. Although the final director’s cut is not out even as of now, we saw a rather polished film in terms of cinematography, acting and direction, or at least in comparison with the other films screened that evening.

The film tells a story about psychological torment and (I guess) of its implied release. 2 main characters, acted by very impressive first-timers Jaclyn Chia and Jason Hui, reveal figments of their imagination and how they coped with their internal stress. I feel its not so much about the sequential flow of events, but more of a certain strand of illogicality that creates that creeping mood of the film and ties everything up. The trailer here shows it really well:


Some of the inspiration came from the movie “Invisible Waves” by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (Last Life in the Universe), which is really about “atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere and atmosphere”; haunting, brooding and eating at you.

(on set)

Being a student director isn’t easy at all. Shooting schedules are really intense, day-night affairs that involve lots of management, concentration and problem-solving. Working on his set, I say that they can be more draining than architectural submissions! So give it up to Jiekai, upcoming director-extraordinaire!

(Jiekai’s Director’s Reel 0506)

Learn more:

  • Jiekai on Youtube
  • Invisible Waves on IMDB
  • 3-day weather forecast: showers.


    2 responses to “Student Works #3 – Brewing atmosphere

    1. i am waiting for jiekai to be back to do more films, looking forward to see his upcoming documentary and hear about all the aspirations director-extraordinaire have in mind for the local film scene!

    2. yup i think it will be very exciting!

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