What the world needs is a little optimism

Jaipur terrorised. Sichuan in ruins. Myanmar swept into bleakness. Delft on fire. Heck even Kent Ridge burned. It may be a sad world out there, but what the world really needs is a little optimism. Optimism is my religion. We don’t need alot, just a lil bit over half full is enough to get us by. 

For me, some Jay Kay and Jamie Lidell keeps it going. And I walk on.

Jamie Lidell – Multiply.mp3

got his apple back.


5 responses to “What the world needs is a little optimism

  1. hello how’s work and pantry breaks. anyway, have you guys seen this? if not GO AND WATCH IT PLEASE. haha. i wanna watch the movie soo bad.

  2. yup, we’ve all learned to look forward

  3. hello Dawn: funny but i actually think its quite amazing! work is for me, surprisingly alright, but panty breaks win anytime!

    hello Stella: looking forward to seeing you in Zurich! I bao your accommodation ok!!!!!

  4. We all need to be more optimistic. Happier people live healthier lives, that is a fact.

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