SG Down Under!

Here on qmark we advocate wholesome fun that’s stimulating and also free! It’s amazing how despite our pea-sized island, there’s really a wealth of places to explore and things to do cheaply or even freely, unbeknownst to many.

The latest (ok it happened 2 weeks ago) fun outing was the Southern Ridges Trail – a stretch of green from West Coast Park to Mount Faber / Vivocity that recently became connected. It has been in the papers a lot, so I shall just post highlights of the trail for those who are going! Nothing beats the experience of walking through these green heights.


The entire route: 2.5 hours but really it takes almost a whole day. Alternative route from NUS to VivoCity instead of the 188 bus.
The Stretch


@Hyderabad Road. Don’t miss out the experimental flowering blooms at the greenhouses, and the vertical green wall systems on display! If hungry, hit Thai restaurant KHA or take a bus to Queensway for lunch.


MKPL designed this; a soaring archway that begins a stretch of canopy-walking all the way to Telok Blangah.
Alexandra Arch


George Legendre of IJP Corporation’s first built experiment of algorithmic architecture, a bridge that spans 5 separate mathematical algorithms that generate the design. It’s the new wave~~~ (pun)!
Henderson Waves


There’s a private location under the cable cars that can be perfect for some quiet reflection. Watching the world move above and enjoying the splendid view ahead, makes you want to linger on.

goes corporate.


9 responses to “SG Down Under!

  1. I was at mount faber under the cable cars, i like! i’ve been on a hunt for new low profile quiet places in Singapore, hopefully before they get more crowded with publicity as it usually happens. surprisingly, not that hard to find if we try.

  2. let’s do more of such and other place wanderings within the next precious few months… =)

  3. yes dawn surprisingly not hard if we try 🙂
    yes aleafy i want to go giacometti and night safari!

  4. who’s aleafy?

    but yeah giacometti and night safari and peranakan museum sounds gooood!

  5. ahahhahahahhahahahha.. aleafy. ;P

  6. dunno lor who introduce herself as aleafy…. wahahaa

  7. ahhahahhahahhahah.. i still find aleafy VERY funny. u shud just change it. hahha

    thanks for that advert on your roll. but i feel like a small fry next to the others lar. honoured tho. 🙂

  8. what small, you are huilian ok! haha…
    but no thanks…. aleafy sucks lar!!!…….

    shit i’ve been neglecting here… damn busy lar. -_o

  9. hello huilian you are not small fry lor.. how many people has a solo exhibition at 22?
    and aleafy rocks!

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