French Connection Paris Deux

§ Architecture: Like any other capital city, Paris has her fair share of old and contemporary architecture. I soaked in the atmosphere of Haussmann´s Paris, but I did also a fair amount of archihopping around town. Jean Nouvel tops the list of the contemporary, which includes the Arab Institute, Musee du Quai Branly as well as Fondation Cartier.

Parc de la Villette by Tschumi is another nice place to stroll, meet the joggers and listen to sound art. It is more than just weird little red structures being littered about. It seems like an authentic experience can be planned, and then architecture becomes a poem. Reminded me of Melbourne – the “art bridge” southeast of Swanston, the Docklands Sculpture Park and also a little dose of Jinhua.

§ HighTech: There seems to be this high-tech thing going on after Centre Pompidou made its contemporary mark on the Parisian urban fabric. Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie revels in its industrial frankness. La Defense makes its fengshui mark at the end of the Arc de Triomphe axis, like a precursor to OMA´s CCTV Tower.

bleached in the sevillian sun.


3 responses to “French Connection Paris Deux

  1. perhaps there was a degree of cross-strait fertilisation? post-modernism died with james stirling. david green of archigram retired. over in britain, the landscape was pretty much dominated by the Foster & Rogers Show which, as you’ve rightly pointed out (and as much as they hate being labelled), is High Tech.

  2. Wheres the new bloggy?

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