SuperGarden SuperSpore


11th International Architecture Exhibition, Venezia

Poof! qmark disappeared for 1.5 months. One resides in Delft, the other in Zurich. Detached from the condition we call home, drifted into cultures apart, the Singapore immersion becomes relegated to the back of our minds. Yet it is always present – comparing, contrasting, contemplating against that static image slowly decaying away.

Boom! qmark discovered the Singapore Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale. In line with the government’s plan of promoting the design culture for the next generation, we have an elaborate, immaculate exhibition showcasing the works and personalities of this neo-wave (by FARMWORK of course). No doubt when it becomes the priority of policy, every single detail is not left out. I am won over.

(Emerging talents on display)

Wow! qmark developed a new liking to the Singaporean design sensibility. Visit the exhibition online and you will see some of our fellow friends from FiveFootWay, outofstock and Lekker Design featured in this international biennale, as the emerging trailblazers in this arena.

PS. Check out more of aleafy’s photos at the Biennale di Venezia.

PPS. Check out Colin Seah’s and Linghao’s portrait in the exhibition website / brochure if you can get hold of one!



4 responses to “SuperGarden SuperSpore

  1. you speak what I feel…. right now!
    and the pavilion really felt like a piece of home in venice.. the setting, the contents, the sensibilities are oh-so-familiar.
    i was happy for that moment of ‘reconnection’.. and happy for the rest of the day after the visit!

  2. haha thats great. a piece of hometown!

  3. it’s been a long time since you two last updated…
    hope to see more post:D

  4. i know…. its really hard to when u are away…….

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