Dear Student




The semester issue was on


or how a built structure with a fixed program can adapt to different – temporary and social – circumstances and needs


the world events (the past few weeks since the layout of the exercise) as they pass before our eyes may still bring sooner than later some of the issues we raised into the daily european and worldwide agenda.


architects in their handling of their craft have always had aims of

‘contemplation’ either of the singular or of the social soul


the condition of this post post modern age : void of goals and 

objectives ‘wrapping’ is not a condition by itself


in which way a precious object – versus the indiscreet object – can be of worth and adaptability


durability is often a parallel and synonym of changeability


you should in your presentation of the work – and as a complement to it – make some well considered statement on the worthiness of your ‘parti’ and gesture vis a vis the (initial) goal(s) of the exercise


in any case make it clear short and convincingly yours


josé paulo


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