Fields for Thought

(see trevor.patt’s flickr set )

For this half a year, I will be exploring a facet of architecture which Patrick Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects) called the “great new style after Modernism”: parametricism. He describes it as a design research programme which was founded on the concept of fields rather than space. So enter the iterative and the hybrids, while the discrete and the platonic becomes archaic. 

Parametricism hinges on one major factor: the advances in digital technology, which simultaneously enhances and relieves us of the rigours in calculative thinking. This semester, in [Generative Techniques in Design], and [Digital Fabrication in Architecture], I will see through this process of parametricism from conception to production. 


( AA Inter3 Work )

We have seen a lot of parametricism, notably from the AA School London, or competitions such as the Evolo-Arch Skyscraper Competition. But perhaps one of my main motivations for taking these modules in digital architecture, is to search for the merits of this new paradigm. Amongst this “abstract hubris”, described by Sam Jacob in his attack on “parametricism”, amongst newfound organicity and a perceived simplification of architecture, where is the quality of experience in the 1:1 scale, where is the sensorial in a digital-fetishism now belonging to programmers, computer scientists and data miners? Hopefully the answer lies somewhere in the field.



4 responses to “Fields for Thought

  1. wow!! you get to take these modules in school>>>
    coool! keep updating please! hehe..

  2. that’s cool!! my sch got a new tutor from AA teaching this kind of parametric design 😛

  3. the concept of fields as opposed to space intrigues. all the best as you dig in deep!

  4. thanks guys! this semester is going to be quite exciting… just finished the first fabrication workshop… details up soon!

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