A Workshop and A Website and A Studio

Workshop – Explorations of some fab digifab machines. I think it can be concluded that the laser printer had been misunderstood, the CNC had been stuck with engineering way too long, and the 3D printer is simply an archaeological magic show.

The laser printer discovers intricacy and mouldability. The CNC discovers structure and material distribution. The 3D printer discovers directional translucency and sightlines. To understand the implications of this newness is the key; to revel in it however becomes self-absorbing, myopic.




Website – Images from our pioneering digital studio weblog. Yeah many parallels to some AA Diplo Unit weblog, but maybe we are getting there. Do leave some comments too. The investigation with digital fabrication techniques will continue on to include components and systems.

Studio – Shinya先生 worked at H&dM and Renzo Piano Building Workshop, has quite an impressive CV and here’s an entry from the IaaC Housing Competition.



One response to “A Workshop and A Website and A Studio

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