Atop the Old

qmark‘s top 3 haunts, perhaps as ideal VDay hangout spots:



Heard of a beautiful sun-infused interior amid a lofty neo-colonial tropical setting (imagine floating B&W bungalow). Heard of famed Swiss Gruyere cheese with smoked ham for lunch. No reservations on weekends.

White Rabbit


Seen a rabbit running on the website. Seen photos of ceremonious furniture, rustic materials and spatial sensitivity. Seen Takenouchi Webb’s office at Wessex and frowned at the red sofas of their latest project OverEasy at Fullerton. Renoir’s Luncheon at Boating Party comes to mind.


Knew of the old Clifford Pier, pickup point to Kusu Island.  Knew of $12 bottled water, and a fantastic Marina Bay panorama. Aqua Restaurant Group’s latest development amid other cutting-edge F&B establishments in HK and Tokyo. Another case of adaptive reuse.

qmark.jpgneeds more cash.


3 responses to “Atop the Old

  1. oooooooooooh! this is the closest I can get to those here:
    really yummy chocolate cakes, one of the best I’ve eaten and the best part is.. it’s an affordable place to hang out for some beer, coffee or dessert! 🙂 oh I really want to post something here sooooooooon!

  2. White rabbit i see.. hmmm. very much talked about. I wan to see for myself one day

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