( Gantenbein Winery in Fläsch)

P1 and P2 for Digital Fabrication studio had been fun – investigation of the Gantenbein Winery had revealed how integrative digital processes can be applied to architecture. “First-order” basic components, “second-order” geometric operations, mass customisation, digital fabrication machines, are just some of the burgeoning techniques being experimented and used today.

Now to harness all of that in the exploration of a new typological 12+1 Tower. With (a very versatile) Grasshopper, a model following up from the theme of directional translucency was created. Seems like it might be headed towards a facade-based design or mere multiplication to banality. Based on Shinya’s suggestions, I guess it’s a process of iterative thinking from both Component>System and System>Component, where a meaningful architecture is created.

( Changing Openings)

qmark.jpgjams legend!


2 responses to “Para-Para

  1. cokeforbreakfast

    yeah this iteration thing, hopefully oir designs get better after each time and not get stuck on some infinite loop. unless there’s a grasshopper script for it too.

    anyhoo this studio has been damn fun so far

  2. what has your topic heading got to do with your post? HAHA.

    anyway, i wanto change studio. hhaa. i wanto masterr rhino

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