Pages from my Sketchbook 1

My trusty Moleskine, companion to the alter ego of my mind. To sketch, to observe, to be; every line,  turn and curve etching the fabric of existence, of various moods and dispositions. Attempting to capture the quintessence of European towns, every page a chapter, and on hindsight an enormous window back into those carefree days of exploratory pleasures.

Granada, Spain – sitting on the narrow curb of a door along the slope waiting for the landlord to appear, sketching as shadow lines move across the pebbled floor. Aboard the TGV, France – A very adorable young boy scribbles and explores my SLR, as he travels with Mum and Sis to Toulouse for their summer vacation. Firenze, Italy – atop Giotto’s Campanile beside the Duomo, as I glance afar and outline the many windows of the Uffizi Gallery.


5 responses to “Pages from my Sketchbook 1

  1. nice nice nice drawing!

  2. hou pretty. Somethin i enjoy doing very much too.

  3. thanks stella and glenda =)

  4. nicee! keep posting! wah. I miss europe.

  5. GreetingS:
    Hey I‘m the newbie here, just wanted to introduce myself, I’m Ken.

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