Sojourn in my grey matter.

[architecture trip in some part of malaysia, supposedly near jb.]


Went off alone, to the back of a “shopping centre” (4-6 storeys), Asian urban, loading-bay, concrete, signboards. Entered, saw a security guard. an open-legged flight of stairs. To 2nd storey, used the loo with weird C-shaped plan and only 1 urinal and 1 cubicle. Overused. Washed hands.

Exit – BLUR

It was a hotel-esque building, with corridors leading to rooms. Gothic-esque, dark wallpaper and incandescent lamps, relatively classy and well kept.

Had a friend. Exited hotel and someone approached for money, rejected and proceeded on; he asked friend behind. Hotel corridor leads directly without a door to a neglected HDB block (slab typology) with sloped grass arena in front.  Great contrast, people absent. Beggar agitated and left(?). A friendly chimpanzee joined us.

Explored a dilapidated part of the hotel with exposed concrete, also open legged but short steps. Went to top, spotted unique matrix of small windows as a wall in at least 2 places. Atmosphere was dangerous. Took out SLR, friend warned against it. 

Suddenly I was hit by a flying coned tipped thing to the cheek, presumably poisonous, apparently by beggar. Friend despaired, tried to bring me to help, to no avail.

Chimpanzee, apparently one who stayed there and guarded the place, was aghast at beggar’s actions and grabbed me by the back of my collared tee, leapt over some railings and transferred me to its “guardian”, someone who looked familiar, and I was safe.

qmark.jpghas a concrete brain.


4 responses to “Sojourn in my grey matter.

  1. wow. weird.

  2. is that “why they call it grey matter?”
    concrete brain!

  3. someone psychoanalyse this

  4. 在此飘过。。

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