Housekeeping SG

01. Graduation from N.U.Ass > Checked.
02. qmark Links Update > Checked.
03. Desktop with Lloyd’s help > Checked.
04. 25th! > Double-checked.
05. 《不懂就問神》 Consulting the Supernatural Artwork > Check-it-out!
06. Cuppa at Kith > Checking. CHECKED!
07. Photography Excursion > Checking.
08. Dissertation > Unchecked.
09. Finalise quotation & work schedule with contractor > Checking.
10. KTV > Checking.


2 responses to “Housekeeping SG

  1. how is kith? been wanting to go there.. like, is the coffee and all-day bkfast good? heard it’s hard to get a seat..

    • KITH was quaint. It’s a (VERY) small cafe, which serves excellent coffee, and just passable food I guess – more of a breakfast / afternoon chill place on weekends, ideal for the expats in the Robertson Quay district… Go grab their coffee!

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