Missing last year’s Singapore Design Festival, qmark eagerly placed this year’s events into the calendar. There are MANY events, but a quick browse through that thick pamphlet tells me that there aren’t many that cater specifically to design per se. It’s more product placement than product process. Fortunately, some events allow us to take a peek into the processes of problem-solving. Here is a few which qmark attended:

TACTILE TEXTILES Workshop + Exhibition
Marquis Furniture Gallery @ QSQUARE

Subtitled “Exploring the 3D Properties of Thermoplastic Material in the Form of Fabric and Fibre”, textile designer Karen Hong shares with us her explorations in thermoplastic fabrics, making use of techniques such as heat setting, transfer printing and other surface design treatments to create beautiful and very architectural forms on fabric.

The example above can be reproduced by using a selection of polyester fabrics such as organza or georgette, moulded into shape by tying (marble) balls and setting in heat for an hour.

Many other pieces make use of a combination of such techniques – I guess I am excited by architectural applications of these fabrics. Tactile roofs with pleated rainwater channels, a Fat Duck franchise with “mushroom” beds, space capsules with fluid walls – fabric as the greener concrete!
[>>check out Tactile Textiles]

Singapore Souvenirs Exhibition
The City Hall Level 3

For the Singapore Inc. machine, design is a new frontier. For this exhibition, quintessential Singaporean items, whether you realise it or not, are given the polish treatment, elevating them to the status of high design icons. TEH gau siew dai in Arial packets? Parking Coupons as date markers in a diary/sketchbook? Our flimsy pink plastic bags as baskets?? Some are really ingenious, some trying too hard, but you will definitely notice the role design plays in the perception of a product.

WOHA: The Strange Times
WOHA Architects Office

In the WOHA Gallery with exhibition “Projecting Slartibartfast”, lies this neat handout titled “The Strange Times”, showcasing a masterplan and local projects envisioned to occur in the year 2050.

designboom has a great writeup on this, so might as well just take you there.

Hope next year’s one will be better. Happy holidays!

wet winter..


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