Hello world!

Here, we look at the world, life, the arts, design… through Singaporean eyes – the eyes of a cosmopolitan & confused flux?!

to contact us!:
HG Tan (votrex) | hongguan@nus.edu.sg
Jiayu T (a leaf of…) | jiayutjong@gmail.com
: )

” It’s sorta like a cross between the archiblogs and normal blogs but i like how it focuses on the arts in singapore and how, art is everywhere”
– Ruilin

” Quirky places that are discovered are places that I’d like to go myself! quirky!”
– Someone who wants to be identified as unidentified flying object


7 responses to “Hello world!

  1. this is something i’ll read everyday. cool archiblog

    don’t mind if i link you

  2. yoohoo!
    haha thankx man… of course dun mind can

    yeah my blogroll has been updated too

  3. i should have discovered this earlier.

  4. cool! archiblog~
    i wil read this everyday~

  5. thanks all~ do add comments or email us if you can!

  6. interesting blog šŸ™‚ happened to see your photos at flickr which then linked to your blog. hope to see more updates šŸ™‚

  7. hey guys haven’t been visiting here for a lonnnngg time! good to see that you guys are still keeping it alive!~ thanks for the interesting observations and updates on local arts scene! =)

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